Metis DRS 1300 DCS

The perfect merging between extreme quality and productivity for the most demanding market.

It’s an extremely versatile and sophisticated A0+ scanner delivering an image quality previously unknown. The DRS 1300 DCS system has been designed to enable the acquisition of maps and drawings as well as atlases, books and scrolls, paintings and in particular or meet the most diverse needs of reproduction (including the most difficult originals and applications that so far were not satisfied by the available technology and systems).

The new Metis DRS 1300 DCS system is particularly suitable for high quality digitization and reproduction in the Fine-Art and Decor Markets. The combination of the “Light Inspector” software and the DC SynchroLight lighting also enables to scan 3D information. The new Metis DRS 1300 DCS system is the only system in the world able to guarantee a very high geometric accuracy, which is fundamental for the digitization in professional cartographic applications.

  General features:

  • Maximum original format: 91 x 130 cm

  • Image Sensor: Tri-linear Professional CCD, 3 x 12 = 36 bit

  • Optical Resolution: 400-800 PPI (adjustable from 100 to 1600 PPI)

  • Very large depth of field (user selectable)

  • Focusing: fine adjustable by Software control

  • Lighting: new “DC SynchroLight” system,

  • High grade precision and reliable mechanic

  • Automatic Book Cradle for books up to A0 and 50 cm thick with fine pressure adjustment; fully adjustable and user customizable

  • Modular system can be assembled/disassembled in small parts for easy transportation