Metis DRS 1600 DCS

An ideal solution for Fine-Art, Decor and Professional Cartography.

The DRS 1600 DCS is perfect for the reproduction of originals up to 160x103cm, 20cm thick. The integrated Metis Digital Camera is motorized and can ne set to work at different resolution. The new new DC SynchroLight lighting systém is ideal for fine-art and decor applications thanks to the ability to deliver thousands of different light schematics and even 3D. The new Metis DRS 1600 DCS system is the only system in the world able to guarantee a very high geometric accuracy.

  General features:

  • Maximum scan format: 160x103cm

  • Maximum thickness: 20cm

  • Variable Optical Resolution: 355-800PPI (355PPI=160x103cm; 800PPI=160x45cm); adjustable from 100 to 1600 PPI

  • Very large depth of field (user selectable)

  • Focusing: motorized, fine adjustable by software control

  • Lighting: new “DC SynchroLight” systém

  • Fine-Art scan mode: 3D image, post-scan light changes

  • High grade precision and reliable mechanic