Metis DRS 2000 DCS

Specially designed for the industrial and decor market.

The DRS 2000 DCS is the largest model in the METIS DRS DCS family with a scanning format of up to 200x121cm.

Some of the other benefits introduced by the new DRS 2000 DCS system are: the digital camera integrated into the DRS 2000 DCS system has been vertically motorized in order to allow achieving an optical resolution of 1000PPI (and up to 2000x1000PPI); high scanning speed and operativity; perfect geometrical accuracy and high depth of field; new METIS Scan Director software for Fine-Art and Decor applications is now available; special 3D scanning mode (require combining 2 SuperScan images into the Light Inspector software) allowing the generation of a dense and accurate Depth MAP for 3D printing/engraving purposes.

  General features:

  • Maximum scan format: 200 x 121 cm. Depending on the original type (i.e. wood, stones, etc.) the scan format can be extended

  • Maximum thickness: 20 cm

  • Variable Optical Resolution: 300-1000PPI (300PPI=200x121cm; 1000PPI=200x36cm); adjustable from 100 to 2000 PPI

  • Very large depth of field (user selectable)

  • focusing: motorized, fine adjustable by software control

  • Lighting: new “DC SynchroLight” system

  • SuperScan mode: post-scan light changes, 3D data calculation

  • High grade precision and reliable mechanic