Metis DRS 750 DCS

The perfect merging between extreme quality and productivity for the most demanding market.

The DRS 750 DCS system is a professional scanner for books, maps, drawings, scrolls up to 50x75cm. It’s one of the latest product in the DRS family and includes the best of Metis technology and experience. It delivers a very high image quality, automation and productivity.


The system has been designed specifically for digital reproduction ‚ ancient‘, ‚fragile‘ and valuable originals and integrates a fully electronic book cradle that automatically adapt in real time to the original itself by reacting to the minimal change in pressure and weight. It integrates the DC SynchroLight (Patent protected technology).

  General features:

  • Maximum original format: 50x75cm

  • Image sensor: Tri-linear Professional CCD, 3x12 = 36 bit

  • Optical resolution: 400 PPI (adjustable up to 800 PPI)

  • Very large depth of field (user selectable)

  • Focusing: fine adjustable by Software control

  • Lighting: new “DC SynchroLight” system

  • High grade precision and reliable mechanic

  • Automatic book cradle for books up to 50x75cm and 30cm thick with fine pressure adjustment

  • Motorized glass: fully addjustable and user customizable

  • Modular system can be easily assembled/disassembled in small parts for easy transportation