Metis EDS Alpha

Desktop professional scanner: great quality, fast and easy to use!

The EDS ALPHA belongs into an innovative line of professional scanners. It is the first product in the EDS (Easy Digital Scanner)  family. It integrates an innovative V-Table design supported by specific software tools in order to hold the originals in any possible position/angle that allows scanning a large books, maps, drawings and many types of originals even larger than the A2 format and up to 15cm of thickness. The EDS ALPHA provides a superior image quality, ergonomics, ease of use and high productivity in a unique integrated solution.

  General features:

  • A3/A2 planetary scanner

  • Supported DSLR Digital Cameras (Nikon D5300, 24 MegaPixels, Canon 700D / 600D / 550D, 18 MegaPixels)

  • Acquisition color depth : 14bit per channel (3x14bit)

  • Integrated zoom optics with motorized focus

  • Best originals up to the A2 format and up to 600PPI

  • Adjustable working area

  • Integrated sensors for real-time reading of exposure, color temperature and automatic focus.