Metis EDS Gamma

Desktop professional scanner: great quality, fast and easy to use!

The EDS GAMMA is an innovative A1/A0 desktop planetary scanner and it’s the last born in the new EDS (Easy Digital Scanner) family.


The EDS GAMMA is caracterized by a flexible and adaptable acquisition format and resolution. It integrates an innovative V-Table design supported by specific software tools in order to hold the originals in any possible position/angle. It allows scanning large books, maps, drawings and many types of originals even larger than the A1 format and up to 15cm of thickness.


Thanks to the METIS exclusive “shape recognition” and “curvature correction” technology, which is integrated into the EDS software, the document shape is detected in real time and the acquired image is deskewed in a fraction of second delivering a perfect result.

  General features:

  • Area up to 90x60cm (A1=84x59,4cm)

  • Optical resolution: over 800 PPI is possible

  • Supported DSLR Digital Cameras ( e.g. Canon 5Ds, 50 MegaPixels, Full Frame; Nikon D800 / D810, 36 MegaPixels, Full Frame, etc.)

  • Extensive support of Nikon/Canon lenses

  • Color depth of 14bit per channel (3x14bit)

  • Adjustable working area

  • Professional EDS LED lighting systém