Metis Surf 3D

Surface scanner for capturing Color and 3D embossing!

SURF 3D is a revolutionary scanner designed and manufactured by METIS that has been previewed at the InPrint exhibition (München) in November 2017. This scanner is capable of capturing color, 3D embossing and glossiness information in less than 1 minute from materials like wood planks, leather, stone, textile, wallpapers, tiles, fine arts, etc.

This scanner can generate color accurate high-resolution images including a 3D Depth MAP (embossing data) and glossiness MAP (representing the surfaces reflection properties).

The SURF 3D scanning software has been designed in order to provide extremely simple usage and at the same time without compromising performances and image quality. It also integrates the METIS Light Inspector software which allows designers, among other things, to optimize colour and embossing data for a specific output or use.

   General features:

  • Optical Resolution: 450PPI

  • Maximum original thickness: 5cm

  • Maximum scan format: 49x85 cm

  • Autofocus (software controlled)

  • 8 independently controlled light sources

  • Capturing time, per image: less than 1 min. (including saving & processing)

  • Scanner size: 95cm width, 70cm depth, 150cm height

  • Full ICC support