The first industrial scanner able to acquire Color and 3D surface embossing!

The SUPERSCAN PM3D® is based on new scanning concepts invented by METIS and aimed to respond to the special needs of the fine-art, industrial and decoration markets. The SUPERSCAN PM3D® in fact integrates innovative technologies (patent protected) that allows to scan color and calculate 3D surface embossing information from it, and at very high resolution even on large originals. Furthermore the new SUPERSCAN PM3D® now allows to scan a wood plate orientated in any direction on the scanning table thanks to the new lighting system.

The SUPERSCAN PM3D® is the first scanner to breach the resolution limits caused by the number of pixels in the imaging sensors thanks to an innovative opto-mecanical design that allows a native optical resolution of 1200PPI on the full scanning area (200x130cm). And thanks to the Scan Merge tool scanning very large originals (exceeding the scanning area) is now also possible with perfect results.

The SUPERSCAN PM3D® adopt the new METIS Scan Director software that have been designed especially to fullfill the requirements of the industrial, fine-arts and decorative markets and for handling 3D data.

  General features:

  • Maximum scan format: 200x130cm (extend to larger size)

  • Maximum thickness: ~10cm

  • Optical Resolution: 1200PPI (adjustable from 100 to 3600 PPI)

  • Image sensor: Thrilinear CCD - High Dynamic Range

  • Scanning technology: X,Y microscanning

  • Scanning modes: scan, superscan, direct superscan

  • Auto-focus positioning (table height automatically adjust based on original thickness set in the scanning software)

  • Lighting spec: 8 light sources (4 sharp and 4 soft)

  • Light source type: High CRI LEDs (typical 92), IR/UV free

  • Scanning Time (i.e. 200x50cm at 400PPI) : ~5 min. for a normal scan and ~20 min. for a superscan with 3D